Best air compressors on the market


Im currently in the market for an air compressor for when I need to deflate my tires for dune bashing. Im based in Dubai, so I hit the dunes on the regular (I own a 2021 Patrol Super Safari)

Two questions:

1. What brand do you recommend? Should I go with a reputable brand or go for Chinese... etc and keep replacing every now and then?
2. I see some people connect their compressors to the 12V outlet in their car, while others connect directly to their car's battery? What is the difference? More output/wattage?



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I’d forget about connecting any decent compressor via a manufacturers 12v socket.
My ARB twin has an inrush current over 90amps and sits on around 60+ amps while inflating. Keep the high amp draw in mind if hard wiring in any decent compressor.
Most of the decent portable compressors will have leads that connect directly to your battery, the cheapies may have less than ideal wire size.

I’m happy with the ARB twin, I’ve also got it connected via an ARB Bluetooth pressure control module, so I can set the pressure via a phone app. I’ve also got an ARB single that’s 8 years old now. Parts are easily available here if required.


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Agree, no way is it appropriate for a remotely decent compressor to be connected via a cig plug. Just don't do it.

My next compressor will be one of the tjm units with multiple outlets and a small inbuilt tank (and 100% duty cycle).


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It depends on how often you are using it. If it's often, then get an expensive one like the ARB, if it's only several times a year, I'd get a cheapie. Personally I prefer one that auto cuts out between tyres so you aren't having to constantly switch it on and off so you don't blow a hose. I also prefer the clip on connecters rather than screw on connectors. I also prefer a dual cylinder model. All strong fast compressors draw high amps that will blow a cig plug fuse immediately. I've been using the cheap Kings model for 3 years now and I'm happy with it. (I'm a tight arse so 50% of my happiness was the price) :)


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Have a look at the Boss 12v PX07 100% duty cycle so it can handle running for long periods of time in the heat.


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The question would be what is available in Dubai??

Although a lot are generic Chinese made wouldn't have a clue what in on the Dubai market?


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I have a Dr Air Pro flow from memory. Inflates a 33" tyre from 12psi to 36psi in about 2minutes. And will do 2 vehicles without hitting the thermal cut out on a hot day. If you are running 35" tyres go the twin screw ARB unit.