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G'day all.
I'm new to this forum and looking to hook up with other vehicles to get the car dirty. 2006 Pathfinder V6 that is almost standard. Have basic recovery gear, Handheld UHF, Towbar and GPS. Just checking out prices for snorkel and AT tyres (probably go the coopers). Have some basic 4by training about a year ago and a few treks to state forests on my own but have no bottle without another vehicle there to pull me out! I've also just joined the Pathfinder forum and recognise some folks from there so hope to get out there soon.


Hi Pete,

Welcome to the forum. I am sure we should be able to organise some group trips. There are quite a few of us from the area. I am in Narre Warren and there are a lot that can get out to Bunyip and surrounds. Hope to get a trip up and running soon.

See you then.



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G'day Pete, welcome mate.
There is a few of us out this way, another trip will be a goer sooner or later.