Bent Upper & Lower Control Arms 3 out of 4 Buggered In One Hit.

Pure Yobbo

Last night both Remus & Yobbo were out for a play when we came across a very challenging Hill. In Remus's Jeep, with a little bit much right foot and both lockers engaged, We attempted to climb out a very steep embankment at the end of a rather large Mud Hole. Well we didn't make it and to make matter worse we suffered a little damage.

We bent Passangers side Upper & Lower and Drivers Upper.

The joys of having 4 inch lift and OEM control arms. Luckly we were able to limp home at 4:00am this morning. Guess what new control arms this week.....
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Ouch! It always leaves a sour taste in your mouth when you cop some damage. I hope it's not too costly to fix.


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Well done lads! Ya know if ya don't bust something, ya not tryen hard enough!!:eek: