Bendleby Ranges


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Anyone got a full set of tracks for Bendleby? I'm sure they will give us a description when we get up there but I like to have an idea myself. We will have a couple of lower clearance 4WD (e.g. BMW X3) with us so any tips on what to avoid for those vehicles would be appreciated.


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They have a pretty good setup there with track ratings etc and a good playground to see what vehicles are capable of.
You will have to be careful with the X3 as even the easy tracks have areas that require a bit of clearance eg washouts and rocks but there should still be plenty of options with some care.

Last time i was there with a stock MN triton and were areas that required care and spotting to avoid damage on plenty of tracks.


Probably best to leave the X3 at camp if you decide to go do the hungry ranges.
You will be provided with a map of all tracks apon arrival which are all colour rated and easy to understand so you shouldn't have any trouble.
Bendleby's awesome, you'll love it.