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We made our way to the Bendleby Ranges over Easter, this was our third trip to the area and each time we have camped in a different location. We stayed in the Cowbale site - a remote bush camp about ten minutes away from the main campground. This site has a lot of space for about a dozen vehicles and reasonable drop dunny.

Although there was over 400 people on the property over the weekend, we barely ran into anyone else - either around camp or out on the tracks, the property is that big that you can easily miss everyone else, even on the very busy weekends.

We did the Hungary Ranges on Friday, and completed the Billy Goat ridge track again, it actually seemed slightly easier this time - maybe because we knew what we were in for. You really do need a spotter though, as looking out the window of the Ranger all I could see was blue sky. It's quite unnerving not being able to see the track, and knowing that if you screw up your line you are going to end up stuck in a big hole. There's no chance to turn around on this track either, once you're committed that's it - you have to go up to the top. It's definitely worth doing though if you have a car with a bit of clearance.

Sunday was a day for the ladies to have some fun, they did a few tracks around the Bendleby Ranges, including the reasonably steep (and very chopped up) Link track, and of course Kokoda. Some of the easier tracks around these areas are perfect confidence builders for those that haven't done a lot of offroading, then you can step it up to the harder stuff.

It's a bit of a drive to get there (about 45 mins from Orroroo), but this place always impresses us. Warren and Jane run a good operation and all of the campsites we have stayed at have been in good condition, with plenty of firewood always supplied. This is still a working sheep station so there is plenty of going on there, but they have really done a good job with the camping / four wheel driving side of the business.

If anyone is interested, I have created a short video that shows a couple of the tracks -


Great place hey .
Been there 6 times over the yrs and still rate it as the best station stay in SA.
We held our annual meet there a few yrs ago and still to this day would rate it as our most successful.

Thanks for sharing.


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Stayed there in 2015 for a few days on one of out touring trip. Was one of the highlights of the whole trip and loved the place.
Cant wait to get back there again!! The 4wding and hiking is awsome