Bendleby Ranges


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Hey guys.

Im fairly new to 4x4ing but ive done skytrek,bridle track a few
Mud holes around two wells after heavy rains.

Im thinking of doing the Bendleby Ranges over easter.

Only problem is im going solo as all mates dont have 4wds they prefer car cruises lol.

Any tips on what ill require?

Is it possible to go solo?

I have a 1992 4runner 2" lift kit, goodyear wrangler silent armour a/t tyres brand new, 3.0l v6 5spd manual, uhf, hid spotties, and a bullbar.

Otherwise if anyone else is doing the flinders over the long week end i wouldnt mind tagging along to gain some experience and new mates along the way.



Anythings possible!

Theres a few posts around the internets from people doing that track solo if you have a look around google (I wont provide links to competing forums though it might upset the mods lols)

Maybe read up on their preperation - and decide if your confident enough to effect your own recovery if needed. Or perhaps theres a service station nearby where you can hook up with somebody else on their way in worst case scenario?

Dont forget to tell somebody responsible of your intentions though incase you dont arrive at your destination and that "somebody" needs to organise a recovery mission I guess


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Isn't the Bendelby Ranges on private property, help should be at hand if you need it. Also should be plenty of others up that way so I don't think you'll have any issues.


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Yeah its on private property mate. I thought id make a post incase anybody else was doing the track aswell. Thanks for your help guys


Hopfully somebody will chime in with a "lets do it together" type post - Will cross my fingers for you mate

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Seafgxr6, Bendleby would be a lot like Willow Springs (Skytrek), there would be quite a few people up there especially at Easter . . . I'd be surprised if you could get a camp spot ! But then you can just day visit although from what I've heard you could drive tracks for a couple of days no probs.

They'd have a UHF channel for 4b's in there I'd imagine, and might give assistance if needed.

Anyways, easy to find their info online and just give them a call.

Will pm you back re your Easter question.

Oh, try and get a mate along with you on trips, good to have a bit of company of a passenger.


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We've done it solo, no problem, you have to sign in and out at the office and say what channel you're using, also we took note of what channels other groups where using, just in case.

Take it easy and you'll have a lot of fun, there's beginners tracks right up to the more serious stuff, like Billy Goat, some of the tracks are best walked first especially if your a beginner.

We would love to do it again but this easter were only doing some day trips but might need to organise something later on, maybe even a trip to WarraWeena.




There are two lots of rangers at Bendleby,you have the bendleby rangers to the NE of the homestead and the Hungry rangers to the south of the homestead.
Both rangers are accessible from the campgrounds,most tracks within a 5-10 minute drive along station tracks.
If your reasonably new to 4wding,spend a day even two days doing the bendleby rangers first to get abit of a feel for the place,you will find most tracks on this side farily easy with a few sections that would be classed as moderate thrown in for good measure.
The hungry rangers has a mixture of tracks to play on,ranging from easy to moderate to reasonably difficult,depending on you ability behind the wheel,billy goat ridge and the ridge top track would be the most difficult of the tracks and preferably tackled with another vehicle,although experienced drivers could do it alone no probs.
Unless you've booked a campsite you maybe hard pressed to get a spot as its very popular,especially on longer weekends like easter.
Another option would be to stay at orroroo,which is the closest town and is 50k's away.
If you do get a spot at bendleby you should have no trouble finding someone or a group to tag along with,go for a drive and check out all the campsites,there's quite a few and you'll meet some people in no time.
You'll get a fairly detailed and discriptive map from the office on arrival of the tracks.
Hope you have a great weekend,bendleby is one of my favorite spots in the flinders and you'll understand why after your time there.
With the mods you've listed on your vehicle,your vehicle should be right for these tracks.
Have fun and stay safe.

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