Bending Tie Rods - Jackaroo


I have bent the left side tie rod on two separate occasions now. Its a 97 Jack 3.2ltr, got a Lokka up front which I'm sure will contribute some extra load and I've just lifted the suspension but only 50mm.

There is a lot of discussion about bending tie rods in the US an UK forums but thats mostly the guys that are doing big lifts and other mods that we aren't allowed :eek:

I thought I would turn up similar stories here but a search turned up little discussion on the subject.

Has anyone else had this problem? It is only the left hand rod that is bending, I've been able to remove it and straighten it on both occasions but I guess its only a matter of time before It breaks.

Before I fork out almost $400 (incl post) for the heavy duty rods from independent4x, are there any other issues or solutions I should be looking at?

Has anyone substituted (mixed and matched) other readily available parts to make their own heavy duty solution?

Right then...... thats my three questions for the day LOL


iam wrecking a 1992 jackaroo good condition
if that helps

well I guess it wouldn't hurt to carry a couple of spares, it doesn't really fix my problem but it would certainly be good peace of mind knowing that I had them on board. how much you want for both left and right rods with the lock nuts.

don't need the ends so that might make it easier to dismantle. I'm also in QLD so I guess post will be required unless you are planning a trip hahahahaha



the reason it bent the second time is that the metal has fatigued since your straightened it back out.... just upgrade it to heavy duty ones and be done with it


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i have some friends that run flat bed trucks and stuff might be able to organise some pass the parcle trip i will find out first .. i did send up to brisbane by australia post twin 40mm webbers and manifold 7kg if i remember correctley the price was $28.00 and got there in 3 days


Thanks Jasonh, I've decided to get the HD ones from independent4x

A little mor expensive but should be a permanent solution


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