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went the covid thing happened and the shops were wiped out of stock. The vegan shelves were the only ones untouched
As usual selective veganism.

I cant count the number of times we get a list of vegan requirements for a plated event & we send out the vegan meal to the table & it comes back in.

Then I ask the question to the wait staff...…......……..was there a problem with the meal, the answer is usually they decided the chicken dish looked better so went with that...………………………….. :oops: :rolleyes: :mad:

red hilux

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we may need to be careful with that.
they may lodge a discrimination claim against Coles. No one ate their food while in Covid. They havent had their equal opportunistic fight to hoard food like the normal people


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I have lived in my particular Melbourne suburb for around forty five years and It is obvious that many new residents who have moved in are of a younger generation.
I have noticed that many of them are into vegan whatever and also drink coffee at the local coffee shops which have opened in great numbers. They also talk about the different ways they have their coffee and the various types of milk they ask for.????
I know this because I am a member of this suburb's facebook page.
Yesterday a young woman posted on facebook, "I heard an ambulance leave the station five minutes ago, does anyone know why?".
Also in recent times many others keep asking "Did anyone hear the police helicopter fly over our suburb five minutes ago and do they know why?".
These are only two of the hundreds of similar questions that are posted. :eek:
Today I found the reason for this strange behaviour and it has confirmed for me that it is now time to consider leaving for a safer place.
An article in the Herald Sun today lists my suburb as the third highest suburb in Melbourne that consumes almond nut milk.
I now understand that , yes, the drinking of almond nut milk is obviously making all of these people "NUTTY".
I rest my case.

Neil Watts

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Wife went vegan for a while, ended in B1 deficiency which lead to other issues but I digress. We appropriately (or inappropriately) named the vegan cheese dick cheese, sort of makes sense when you have nut milk!