beechport to robe

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has done beechport to Robe lately? My first time doing it very soon, is there anything I need to watch out for? Or any tips people can give.



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Be very careful at this time of year near any of the beaches, good chance of being very soft with washed out entries/exits etc
If you stick to the inland tracks you will be good, dont be afraid to really drop your tyre pressures eg 10-12psi
Erringtons beach will be the big concern. This time of the the entry from Nora Corina end is usually washed out and you may need to go to the next entrance to access the inland track.
A sand flag is also advisable , along with a set of maxx traxx.


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I've driven beaches in every state except Victoria and the beaches between Beachport and Robe are the softest I've come across. Don't be scared to go under 10psi if you have to, easy does it though.