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Beautiful old trees

Discussion in 'Photography' started by fuzzychops, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. fuzzychops

    fuzzychops Well-Known Member

  2. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

  3. Ditch

    Ditch Active Member

    "Beneroon", reportedly the largest living tree in NSW.

    And "Big Fella Gum" not far from the one above.
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  4. greysrigging

    greysrigging Well-Known Member

    The 'Dig' Tree, Coopers Creek. IMG_3740.JPG IMG_3742.JPG
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  5. barcher

    barcher Well-Known Member

    King Billy Tree

  6. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    The Ada Tree in Vic , Old Monster Mountain Ash ,
    Click on the 2nd photo to read its history and timeline.
    In the 1920's it was 90 metres tall !
    Ada Tree 1.jpg

    Ada Tree 2.jpg

    Ada Tree 3.jpg
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  7. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

  8. greysrigging

    greysrigging Well-Known Member

    A young Boab Tree and the Derby Boab Prison Tree
    IMG_1862.JPG IMG_1374.JPG IMG_1375.JPG
  9. greysrigging

    greysrigging Well-Known Member

    There is a Tree of Significance ( National Trust ) in the Post Office carpark in Darwin City. It is a Boab Tree planted in the 1890's on the site of the then Darwin Primary School. Boabs are not native to the Top End, but they do very well in our climate. They start appearing in the bush west of Katherine at about the Victoria River and are common from there all the way to the coast at Broome. The young trees are quite attractive and fast growing before slowing up a bit with age. There is an old specimen growing in Cossack ( near Roebourne WA ) that was planted in the early 20th century. Notable in as much it is a long way south of its natural habitat.
    As is today
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  10. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    I was going to share a picture of that tree myself, but the only one I could find (that we’d taken) was on Jen’s Facebook, and it didn’t really feature the tree. Just some really cool dude with two thumbs..
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  11. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

    There is some conjecture they actually started here and migrated elsewhere. The jury is still out:
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  12. BIGCOL

    BIGCOL Well-Known Member

    I have visited Moulamein on a number of occasions but previously wasn’t aware of this tree which can be found not far off the main drag near the centre of town. It is said to be the biggest River Red Gum in the state, maybe even Australia and is thought to be approx. 1000 years old. If you look closely at the first pic you can see a lump that resembles a hat!!


    All of the base of the tree beyond the tree's trunk is a massive root ball.


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  13. BIGCOL

    BIGCOL Well-Known Member

    Now I'm going to tell you guy's something, I'm not sure you will thinks it's a bit weird but when I walk past a lovely old tree or visit ones like the one above, I give them a pat. A sort of well done old timer, I like or appreciate you.
    I see beauty and get a feeling of scale and my place in the big scheme of things, it makes me understand life and my position in it a bit more.


    PS, May be getting a bit soft in my old days, but it feels good letting you all know that.
  14. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    Funny you say that, I always give them a pat or stoke as well but never thought anything of it, almost a natural reflex
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  15. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I’m always stroking my wood too...:p
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  16. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Inspecting for dry rot ?
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