Bead locks? Brands?


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Options for bead locks on a 76 series
5/150 stud pattern

Will be fitting either
35 x 12.5 x 17


315 75 16

What have you all got?

These won’t be every day tyres just to tackle some harder tracks need extra clearance with the 70 leaf pack in the rear lol


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If your looking for quality and custom to suit your 76 Walkers are the go

You need to be specific with the spec when ordering,

PCD ( 5x150 )

Nut type ( Toyota std alloy loose washer ) - by far the best option for nut sets

Centre boar ( 110.5mm )- double check that

0 offset ( unless you went offset ) - 35s fit on 0

Be sensible and follow the guidelines, Km travelled, Deflate re torque as specified.
Also get involved with the initial mounting very important it is done correctly

Some photos and info when I had my 79 series
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walkers are pretty nice but $$$

Allied do a few off the shelf options which look pretty nice and are pretty good value but not sure how good they are.
Id be looking at neg 25 or 15 if i was to buy new wheels, would add an extra bit of stability.
But not doing that without fixing the wheel track first (replacement diff or coil conversion)