beach run - Bribie Island


:Dhad my first drive on Bribie Island beach yesterday you could not have asked for a nicer day
no wind the sea was flat ( should have gone fishing in the boat) (second car)!!!!!
It was a real pleasure to drive on the beach so peaceful , sorry i,m rambling.

:mad:The only thing that spoilt the day was two idiots in cars who tried to get on the beach
and got bogged side by side blocking the entrance to the beach till we pulled them out of the way. but a good day had by all.


Should have left those tools for the ranger to find. Maybe a nice fine would convince them not to do it again.


I've been to Bribie many times as it's only 30 mins from home. The beach is great but for a bit more challenge and some more diverse scenery try the inland track. You won't regret it.




Didn't seem such a challenge on Anzac day Goldrush, seemed like a walk in the park but then again, it wasn't windy, muddy, rainy or chopped up like it could be on any other given day. Would do it again in a flash though, the scenery was beautiful.


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what track over christmas or just after all the rain they ended up closing it for a few months the northern access track that is


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I haven't been there yet but anybody could tell me if I need any permission to enter to the beach? I just moved to Brisbane last week so I'm not sure??