beach fees Teewah


It would seem that our enviromental protection agency in their infinite wisdom
have decided that we should pay for the god given right to drive on the beach at Teewah.

A fee of$37-10 a month $185-80 for a year, you have to wonder what the odd cents are for!!!!

So come on members talk to your local pollie lets see if we can change their minds:(:(:(:(:(


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Rainbow Beach Protest

Hi all

Just reading the paper QLD Sunday Mail

4WD protest at Rainbow
September 20, 2008

RAINBOW Beach residents are calling on all four-wheel-drive enthusiasts outraged at the government's proposed beach closures and fees to join them in a protest convoy this Friday, September 26.

People are encouraged to turn up at the Rainbow Beach Centre Block at 9.30am to form a convoy that will drive from Rainbow's main beach to Double Island Point and back.

Organisers are hoping for a 400-strong convoy to attract state-wide media attention to alert the rest of Queensland they will no longer be able to drive on the beach for free and show the state government they are not happy with the proposed changes.

Anyone interested in going up

Serious thoughts on this, close Teewah whats next

If you cant attend the rally, contact your local member and voice your opinion
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My local Member

Contact Wayne
Email -

Electorate office
1162 Sandgate Road
Phone (07) 3266 8244
Fax (07) 3266 4263

Mailing address
PO Box 182

Parliament House office
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House


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Thi$ $ux b@ll$ & i$ ex@ctly why I'm not 100% behind @dverti$ing @ll the different tr@ck$ we h@ve. Gvmt $ee'$ you doing thing$ for free $o it ch@rge$ you. @lternitively it t@ke$ @w@y the right$.

M@y m@ke it but trying to le@ve on ro@dy to D@rwin by then.


Was up at Teewah today and had a great run. It would be a shame to have to pay to use this stretch of beach. We all know the money will not go towards the beach and facilities. Got to talking with the operator of the carwash at Noosa North Shore and he seemed to be quite pi$$ed off by the whole thing. Let's face it. How much business will he and the other local businesses lose if this is allowed to happen? The whole area relies on 4wd'ers for their businesses to survive. The houses at Teewah are only accessible via the beach. How many people will want to pay extra money to drive up to these houses after already forking out to rent them? If this goes ahead it will cripple the local economy and drive a lot of businesses to close down. It's time to make a stand against this sort of crap. With the amount of 4wd'ers we have in this country we can change this. When the pollies see how many votes this could cost them they will have no choice but to back down. Contact your local member and let's make ourselves heard before we lose access to all the places we love.



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How many fee's and taxes are there in life now? Poly's forget who they are working for......the only people that use that stretch of beach are 4WD's anyway....let me guess there is a rare form of sand mite that is on the verge of extinction ......blah blah blah


Missed the protest on the 20th. Perhaps those who are pi**ed off about another money grabbing attempt by the Government should direct their protest to the minister responsible: Make sure it's not an abusive e-mail, they won't help the situation.

Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation
Contact details:
Hon. Andrew McNamara
Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation
PO Box 15155, City East QLD 4002
Phone: (07) 3336 8032; Fax: (07) 3227 6309

A copy of the strategic Directions for the Caloola Coast can be found at:

I hope they organise another larger protest shortly, I'll be there.
It may be a good time to complain & remind Captain Bligh and her team who put them into power. Judging by the recent slump in ratings they can't afford another battle front.