Beach camping and driving southern NSW

Hi gang

Planning a trip with the mrs in the upcoming school holidays, heading Melbourne -> wangaratta -> brindabella NP -> Canberra -> coast -> kosciuszko NP -> wang -> Melbourne

Wondering whereabouts in that NSW south coast area we can camp on the beach (on the sand) and do a little beach driving also. Bonus points if there's decent surf.
Want to stay south of the gong and North of merrimbula if possible.

Found pebbly beach which looks good for beach driving but all the campsites look to be off the sand and book/pay sites. Free, quiet and on the sand would be much preferred.

Look up the local govt areas you are interested in driving/camping.

North of Sydney there are definitely shires that allow beach driving with permit on council controlled beaches. Some allow camping, some don't.

I assume there are similar places right down the NSW coast.


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You can't camp on the beaches either. There's NP campgrounds close to some beaches but that's it as far as I know. There's nice beach driving in many places north of Sydney, especially Port Macquarie through to South West Rocks. Permit required.
Sorry for the late reply guys, been working on the truck flat out getting it ready for the trip and completely forgot that I posted this!

I got really confused reading your replies though as I've 100% seen videos and info on google of people driving on pebbly beach.
Then I realised there's 2 pebbly beaches in NSW, one south of Sydney and one North. Looks like the ones i saw must have been up north :(

Would have loved to get on the sand but will press ahead regardless, Depot Beach just outta Batemans looks like a good spot for a couple days rest and surf!