Be Very Very Afraid ! I'm Back !


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Hi just a quick hullo to say I'm back from visiting the land of the Sheep Lovers, saw a great T Shirt over there

"What happens in the Sheep pen , stays in the Sheep pen "

absolute pisser, will give a report if anyone is interested !

Anything interesting happen while I was gone? Everyone happy ? Hope no-one's grabbed their bat and ball and gone home like when I went to Central Australia earlier this year- I wasn't around to to control you Bast#rds !
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Who's afraid of the BUSHNUT WOLF the BUSHNUT WOLF oh who's afraid of the BUSHNUT WOLF,
Them there over in sheep lovers paradise I'll bet.
Welcome home mate.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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Hey Simmo, welcome back mate. Hope you had a great trip. Do a write up if you want, I'll have a read.
How did you handle being stuck on a boat?



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Welcome home NUTBUSH!! How was the "Eastern State"???? Was it choice, bro? Did you do any fishing? Write it up and i will read it also!!

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See I told you, you would survive a cruise, it must have been absolutely horrible.....
But welcome back we think we missed you!
Not much been happening over here, pretty quiet all round......


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Welcome back Simmo

imagine being stuck on a tin can with 1500 of your closest friends

yuk from me.


Welcome back Bushnut..thought someones comments were missing. A report might just be interesting to read if you feel like putting one together.


Maybe he's finally spending some caring sharing time at home, probably got used to people after the cruise Gilly, what do u think, is it possible to tame the old codger.


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Welcome Back

Welcome back Bushnut, I am heading to New Zealand later in the year, so any suggestions would be appreciated.