Battery tray GU Part Number


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Hi all,
Anyone got the product code for an ARB Dual BAttery tray (tray only) to suit GU pre 2000 4.2TD (non intercooled). I have had all sorts of issues trying to get one. I got sent the whole kit and cabbodle (wireing loom, ect) $800 worth, Pirahna tray (yuck) and now, a 3.0/4.2 intercooled version, grr won't fit due to radiator over flow bottle. Your help would be much apprciated. scanned copy of catalogue page would be good also.


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Grrr I have a simerlar problem. Except I cant even fit a second battery in the engine bay with all the ABS and gas injection. I dont really want to run one in the back until the kids get a bit older. Have you checked the ARB site Quozie?