Battery connector protection


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Hi, having recently been forced to cross a very muddy waterway (long story), The batteries and the terminals are very dirty and couple of times the batteries got discharged much quicker than usual.

What grease/protection can I utilise over the terminals to prevent water and mud covering them as well as the connectors themselves ? If this is just a matter of using grease, can someone recomment brands/makes.



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My mechanic has been putting some kind of s**t on my terminals, but I'm not sure what it is, but it gunks up and probably does more damage and I have to clean them more than I should.

My plan atm is to clean them up and give them a spray with inox...

What do you guys think??


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Clean the terminal and connectors then tighten them up. I use CRC battery terminal protector which works a treat.


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Cool, going to disconnect the wires, clean the gunk / oxidized compounds and use the CRC stuff.

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I have also noticed if you keep the clamp just up from the bottom of the pole you get less corrosion on the terminals. I also use the CRC stuff it's great.


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clean them up with a light wire brush, then hot water with bi carb soda then wurth battery terminal spray.


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clean your terminals with hot boiled water and a wire brush this removes the corrosion. some types of that battery terminal protector spray melts when hot and goes in between the battery post and terminal and causes poor contact.