Bash plate bolts

Bolt types for bash plates

  • Socket Button allen key - get that extra 0.4mm of clearance ( it is a pathfinder after all)

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Finally had enough of the random nature of sizes on the bash plates meaning i need every socket going to take them on and off

So seeing as i am buying new bolts do i go the Hex Head that requires a socket but sit proud of the plate or go the allen key style rounded head that are going to protude less but may be a bugger to get off if they do get damaged by impacts to the plates.

Thoughts, suggestions?


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Hex head bolts all the way. Easy and cheap to get mild steel or high tensile replacements when one falls out or shears off.
If its the height of a bolt head that is causing you to fail to proceed, then maybe you need to review your life choices up to that point. You could go countersunk fasteners, but the under side of a vehicle has so many sticky out bits that I don't think it would be worth the effort. You have to be really precise with the hole location or it won't line up and there is also the risk the heads shearing off or the bash plates tearing when the chassis flexes.

Allen key or Torx type you have a much smaller drive surface to get them out again and have to dig the mud and grit out of the recess before taking them out or risk them rounding out and having to be extracted/drilled out.

22 years of aircraft structural repair experience and it seams most of my work is drilling out Torx fasteners. I reckon I could count on a blind butchers left hand the number of times I've had to drill out a bolt that still had a head on it. Pretty sure aircraft panels have a much cleaner life than the under side of a 4x4 vehicle too.


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Grade 8.8 hex head bolts. I always put a smear of grease on the threads before putting them in to reduce corrosion.


Yep. High tensile hex heads for the win. Can’t go wrong with good old fashioned bolts. Well not for this application anyway.


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Socket button/Allen key........... Lose / miss place allen key, Doh!.
Hex head bolt........... lose / miss place spanner..... use shifter, visy grip, plyers? whatever.