Barrington Tops


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Was considering it but have since found out that the tracks are closing friday rather than monday. Am now reconsidering.


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Anyone interested in a trip to the Barrington Tops over the June long weekend?
From the NSWNP website
4WD trails on Barrington Tops will be closed to all vehicles from 1 June 2017 to 1 October 2017 for annual seasonal closure. The closed trails are:
  • Barrington trail (south and central)
  • Paddys Ridge trail
  • Butchers Swamp trail
  • Bullock Brush trail
  • Tugalow trail
  • Thunderbolts trail
Trail closures mean there is no vehicle access to the following campgrounds during this period:
  • Little Murray
  • Junction Pools
  • Gummi Falls
Re: Closures
Thanks guys,
Also got confirmation this morning from NP’s
All 4wd tracks are closing 2morrow.
So unless you would like to camp at Manning River Campground and just go for some RnR
I might also reconsider.