@BARRA_GU ,400RWKW XR6 Turbo Engine Conversion GU PATROL -Georgie's Twin Locked GU Patrol

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After this was done i cleaned out the shards of aluminium and then began to install the injector adapters. The aquamist water to methanol injection system comes with the brass inserts that you install into the manifold which have an internal thread for the injectors to be fixed to, or if you ever need to , they also provide brass plugs which we have to install for now as the rest of the system has not been installed yet.

I've just dry fitted the adapter plugs into the manifold for now to see how they sat and if there was any resistance but from what i got told from Orlando from Cool Runnings Engineering (the authorised seller of Aquamist in Australia) is that they are to be done hand tight with loctite and no excessive force.

I found that this wont be the case for me as finger tight only got me on a couple threads so i had to touch base with him and send him pics to show where they were sitting and then was advised to nip them up a touch with a 13mm spanner but dont go ape sh*t with it.
I have to say i really do love buying products from a company who provide you with phenomenal after sales service.
To put things into perspective for you guys this bloke has gone above and beyond with answerring any questions i may have, late night phone calls, early morning questions and his services have superceded any of my expectations.

Here are some pics of the injector adapters being dry fitted into the manifold.
This morning i will loctite them in.


And above i thought i would throw in a sneak peak of my injectors which will be screwed into the manifold replacing the plugs then plumbed into the water to meth manifold which will be showing at a later date.


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Been a while simce I've updated this thread so i thought id keep those who are interested in the loop.

So we installed the water to meth system comletely by plumbing all the manifold up and the module itself.

The module required some tech work which needed to be spiced into the ecu's wiring in order for it to know whats happening and so they can talk to each other (in simple terms)

The electrical side was done by no other than peter from 1st class auto electrics from berwick.

Im telling you guy now that if you're ever in need of a decent reliable honest and fussy auto electrician look no further, ths bloke is one of the best in the business...

Whilst i was there with him i insralled the 10litre tank and pump.

Here are some pics


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The procharge6767 turbo has also been installed and required very little modifications besides a 10mm plate between the turbo and manifold to space it out slightly so it didnt foul up on the engine, and a 4inch to 4inch rubber coupling to mount onto the 4 inch air intake...
Photos below

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So on the friday i decided to finish up work for the day at mid day and decided to catch a train into the city and head to morwell on the vline.
For a person that never catches public transport I must say i was realy proud of myself lol

It was actually a pretty cool journey where i sat back listened to tunes and only cost me 26 bucks!

The original plan was to get the rig to reach my goal of over 500rwkw (670rwhp) but the dream ended well before that as i maxed out my current shit cooler at 350rwkw (469rwhp) but wound her back to 311rwkw (417rwhp) to play it safe.

The current cooler needs to go and im looking at getting a garret core imported from the states with custom end tanks which will be a massive mission to install in itself because i am seriously running out of room up front with the twin thermos, cooler, rad, tranny cooler and ac cooler...
Its only 25mm difference but im oushing shite up hill!

Im also looking at uograding my exhsust to 4inch in order for it all to flow properly...

Anyway so even though i didnt achieve my goal yet i basically have an engine package thats buit to produce well over the 500rwkw but something as simple as the cooler is stopping me from turning it up...

I must say though, this this is absolutely mental to drive with 300plus rwkw. I actually try finding any excuse to drive the thing.

Keep ypu all posted soon... but for now its staying like this for a while to enjoy it a bit...


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Let’s test that therory.

Would you take the mother in law shopping in it?
I would to scare the living bajesus out of her...
But there is no chance she would step foot in my patrol... it is utterly beneath her.

My father in law has sat in it once... i believe only one arse cheek was on te seat as he had a look on him like he was going to cop rabies if he sat in it properly...

I guess thats what you get when your inlaws are from "kew"

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Havent update this thread in a while as i havent got really anything to post besides the fact that the rig is waiting for its next trip out.

Tomorrow i am taking the 4wdaction guys out for a few days of wheeling. I'm meant to be with them till wednesday but unfortunately work gets the better of me... plus im mid way through a bathroom reno at home and i have the cheese n kisses on my back about getting that across the line as shes currently bathing our 6 month old in the kitchen sink lol

This week i have also decoded to pull my arse into gear and contacted plazmaman about going a big enough intercooler that will flow the 500 to 600rwkw that im trying to achieve.

They have sent me back some info which im going to double check with clearances for the cooler with the hi mount etc and once we get that underway i will be ourchasing the cooler and getting it fitted.

After this its off for the 4 inch exhaust and then finally retune...


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looking totally the part hope it all works out for you and you get your wish on the HP side of it you got to love it when a plan comes together wish you all the best with it cheers look forward to see how it all go's monks

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Just got home after 2 days of filming in cobaw state forest with the 4wdaction crew.
I was given the call amd asked if i can show them around whilst here in vic so i chose cobaw as its small and has many awesome challenges from easy to extreme all within a stones throw from eachother...

Tbh with you lot i kinda craved the idea of being on 4wdaction back in the day when i had the triton where as now at this age and with this ugly 4wd no so much...

With so many other good looking capable 4wds in this world i didnt even concider it as a possibility one day so when they came knocking i was surely suprised and thrown off.

It was a really good experience to see first hand how they produce their show as these days there are plenty of YouTubers doing their thing creating content so it was great to see the guys that paved the way for the 4wd scene and what it is today.

Anyway, great barrel of laughs were had, They're legit clowns on and off the camera and pretty much had me in stitches all day.

As for the 4wding part there was plenty of winching and near rollovers but all in all everybody came out almost unscathed.

When it airs i'll be sure to post it here so you can all see my ugly mug for once.


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G;lad you had fun. When I went out with them about 3 years ago, all they seemed t want to do was break my vehicle, (which they didn't). As it outperformed more well known makes (mine was a modded Great Wall X240) the trip never saw the light of day! All they want to do is find the most extreeme and as a result I believe, they give 4WDing a bad name as bushbashers and wreckers of the bush. Makes great reading though!!!

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The waiting game....

Thought i woukd make an update of where i currently am with the rig.
I seem to post a lot more on instagram these dsys picture wise but in regards to info you guys pretty much get all the inside goss amd planning prior to it getting onto the gram as i try to keep this thread more detailed as part of the build process.


This has been a bit of a battle. The last tune attempt left me somewhat dissatisfied due to the cooler and exhaust being the limiting factors of the hp we were trying to achieve. As mentioned previously we found the coolers limits of 470rwhp (350rwkw) mark so we wound it back so it was running safe to 420rwhp and left it there till we thought out the next process...

I have currently purchased the new 600x300x100mm cooler from plazmaman and am waiting for delivery which i think is going to be this week.
I have been down to the exhaust shop had them look over the car and quated me on the new exhaust which i paid for up front prior to works being done because i know the bloke and i think it may be getting trailered there and back so that made life a bit easier.

With the new cooler and 4 inch exhaust it will then be ready for a retune so after that all gets done its fingers crossed. This is pretty much my final part as far as i want to go power wise with the rig. If i achieve the figure i want i will not push it further.

I have some serious plans coming up for the rig which i really cant give too much info away as of just yet. The purpose of the build will most probably be revealedin the not so distance future but i think it should all make sense eventually what im planning on doing with it...

In the mean time my own houses bathroom reno is going on so there no wheeling for me till this gets finish (meant to of finished it the weekend that just passed-go figure). The boys and i have planned a trip out the weekendafter nextwith a few of the boys that race so fair to say its going to be a pretty wild day of wheeling...

What they dont know is that i have a little ace up my sleeve. We are all on 37s amd twin locked. But ive decided to go that extra mile for that weekend...

I am currently in the process of fitting 40 inch maxxis trepadors on the rig.

If any of you have seen 40 inch tyres they are huge... then make them a trep and they are definitely the most aggressive tyre i have ever seen...

We fitted themtoday to the trail gear bead lock rims which i normally run my pitbull tyres on...

Anyway without further adieu the tyres are on the rims but we are waiting to modify the suspemsion to get them to fit.
Let the fun begin...