Barkly River (Middle Ridge Road) camping...


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A follow on from a previous query. I have made a fairly silly error in organising a trip which will have me in the Dargo/Licola area for the weekend of November 3rd/4th. Not only is this the opening of many tracks weekend, it coincides with the Vic public Holiday. Genius, I know...

Having never been in the area, someone from the fly fishing club recommended camping on the Barkly River, near the bridge, north of Licola. Two points:
- one website suggests access to here from the Jamieson/Licola road is closed. Is this correct?
- Am I likely to find a quiet spot for a few days (3-4 nights) around this area at this time? Am I fooling myself by thinking I'll find any quiet spots in this area?




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The Jamieson Licola Rd is open to Link Rd, the turnoff to the Barkley River all the time, and you can go out on Target Creek Rd just after Licola anyway. That looks like a private farm with a gate but is a road.

You cross the Barkley River twice. I guess you mean the second crossing. Keep heading out the Middle Ridge Rd until you pass Bull Plain Rd. After that, there are some awful ruts in the road. Go slow and keep a lookout!

Then you wind down to the river. Once you cross the river you are following Skenes creek. There are small trout in that too. You can camp at Rumphffs flat about 1 km past the river. It doesn't get a lot of sun but is an open area for camping.

I'd get someone there on Thursday night to spread out and hog a space, but that applies for everywhere that weekend.
Hi Mark
Just double check the Parks Track Closure website some tracks my stay closed a bit longer...

There's is a Pit Toilet at that spot,maybe busy though...
If you can get to the Licola store (from you should be able to access the track that runs north along the Macalister River...