Balancing imitation beadlocks

I'm in the process of getting a new set of wheels and tyres for my Trition MQ.

Thinking of going Dynapro ATM 265/65/16 on 16x8 0 offset imitation beadlocks.

Been told by one bloke not to go the imitations as they are a nightmare to balance but cant find any info online.

Does anyone have any insight they could share on this?


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They fill up with mud in ruts as well. Ok if you are just mall cruising but bastards of things off-road.


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Off road I found the more open, these crap, less flash have always worked better.
1. to closed up in design, and you cannot get the mud out.
2. to flash and your to scared to scratch them.
3. to expensive I bet there alloy no where near as strong as you like them to be.


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whats the point of getting the imitation ones ? just for looks ? some..its willywonka others it just bloody looks good..its an each way bet...because real beadlocks arnt allowed on most state road i think
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Not tracking why an imitation beadlock rim would be significantly harder to balance. If you are happy with the look go for it. Try 265/70R 16 tyres. I'm sure Hankook will stock them. That size would be easier to find if you need to replace tyre on a trip for any reason.