Bagging 300


I just watched the second episode. Using an esky instead of a fridge - I guess someone had to do it, just to prove why we all use fridges now. ;)
I can remember driving up to the Kimberley with my old man back in 1978 using an esky and the roars of laughter that could be heard coming from the various pubs and shops etc he went into looking for ice. I preferred to stay in the car as he wasn't someone used to be laughed at.


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Lol. Yes, someone had to do it. I thought at the time....hmmmm 4.5 days, do I really need a fridge? I reckon I will need one recharge of ice, but all should be good.

Wel all was good, except as I state,
- every time you pulled something from the esky, you got covered in cold water.
- Ice wasn't as readily available as i thought
- whilst all was well for the majority, when I hit the rough, and ended up with esky soup, well then I remembered why I run fridges now days.

That said, it was a worthy experiment. Something I don't have to repeat for a while ;)

The trip comes to an end but not before and I bag my 300: