B!tch with grunt is no more :(

:mad:What was my pride and joy and my fun has been taken away from me last night by a DRUNK driver who is un insured :mad: my B!tch was parked ib a side street with another car in front when a drunk driver hit her at about 80 km i only had 3rd party insurance so its good bye to the B!tch

And to add to it .. it was a gawd damn POOTROL :mad::mad::mad:


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Sorry to hear that Chels .... it really upsets me that these things happen and given his state it wouldn't have mattered whether he had the best insurance or not, the insurance company wouldn't have paid anyway.

at least no one was hurt.

look at the bright side you now have the joys of building b!tch 2 and bigger and better model.

Pure Yobbo

Far Out - Lucky no one was out the front.

He must have been moving to do all that damage.

Up here with third party insurance there is a small amount of cover if the other party isn't insured. Not sure if this is the case doen in Victoria.
Yeh lucky no one was hurt but i loved that truck lucky it had custom bar on the back cos i think it would of been about 6 cars he would of destroyed if it hadnt slowed him down he actually jumped my yruck up onto the nature strip and through the back of the car in front thank gawd from the bull bar the front doesnt even have a scratch on it

Just been on phone to insurance and im covered for $3000 if not at fault they will fight for it so at least i get something to start off with again


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Sorry to hear about that. Poor BWG!! How bad is the Nissan?? You may well be the proud new owner if it's any good.

what a tosser aye!!


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Damn Bad luck Chels . That was a great looking 60 series, saw a nice silver one for sale at Traralgon on the way to Dargo last weekend, wasn't a High roof Safari model though .

Let us all know what your budget is , I'm sure people will keep an eye out .


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Sorry to hear of your misfortunes Chels it's like losing a leg when something liks this happens.
The silver 80 series is still on the market down here if your interested it was still parked on the highway this morning I'll take some pics if you like.

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Sorry to hear about the b!itch Chels do you get to keep his to sell for parts as well?. I can't wait to see B!tch mk 2 looks like though. Good luck with it all.


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That's bad news about your rig. At least the insurance will get you started. It's a bummer when these things happen, after losing the GQ in January I know waht its like.

Hopefully the $3000 will get byou on track for bigger and better things

Best of luck



F****n drunk drivers....
definatly get back to us with your replacement budget... got a mate who's just a little bit into his 60 series... think he's up to 3 or more now, he might be pursuaded to part with one...


Sorry to hear about your loss BWG...could only imagine what it feels like to lose your beast.
Hope all goes well with you getting back on track real soon.


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G'day Chels here a couple of pics of that 60 series it looks pretty good may be worth a call, you may be able to swap a lot of the gear off the BWG and have a decent rig again







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Sorry to hear about you losing you ride:(
I'm glad you and the other owner of the car are ok.
I hope you get back on the road real soon....Cheers
Gunna thanks for the pics it looks to good to me B!tch with grunt mk2 haha but ill give him a call and seefrom there

Im not exactly sure how much i will have depends if i have to pay an excess or not .... dont think i will but will know more whem i get a call from insurance company