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Ol' Harley

Morning all!

I'm up for a new side awning to attach to the roof rack. A number of years ago I bought a Kings awning and sidewall (yeah, I know, I know...y' get what y' pay for) and it's seen it's day fairly quickly. So I'm up for a new one, and wondering about what other people have found in their experiences, because there's a lot of awnings out there.

Some info...

It's going to attach to the passenger side roofrack of a 2012 twin cab Mitsubishi Triton. I don't need a 270 degree awning, but do want a sidewall to be able to attach if necessary. It's going to see most of it's use during day fishing trips on the beach, and overnight stays when we'll sleep underneath it in swags. (I don't need an awning tent) When it's set up, I want it to be able to be fairly sturdy, so no hassles if there's poles and a couple of ropes. Something about 2.5m x 2.5m would be ideal, but I'm open to suggestions. It won't see use in the snow, but will probably see use in areas that get a bit of rain.

So give me the good, the bad, and the ugly on awnings.
I've been running an ARB 2.5x2.5 awning for a few years now. It's held up very well in some pretty nasty weather. Never leaked a single drop and you can peg down the legs of the struts so no need for guy ropes unless you're expecting gale force winds. In which case, probably better to pack it away anyway.

The fittings and joints are sturdy, and the joints that meet the frame attached to the vehicle are flexible so little chance of them snapping while flexing. This also allows you to drop one corner of the awning to allow water to run off.

The awning has a channel to allow a LED strip to be fitted but honestly I never bothered. I have a few camp lights in my setup so never short of light.

Not the cheapest for sure, and I know a lot of people take issue with ARB for various reasons, but I'm a fan of their awnings if you're just looking for a well-made and robust basic awning. I sourced some rhino rack fittings to attach it to my steel roofrack. It's solid as a rock.


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I'm very happy with my two ARB 2 x 2.5 Touring Awnings, one or other is used with the Awning tent. I don't use dedicated walls on the other one, just tarps as wind breaks or add to shade.

There is no comparison between it and the mid-priced and el cheapos I've owned and I imagine anything in the same price range would be a worthwhile purchase. I actually an el cheapo break from vibration with about 1000km of highway driving (the ARB on the passenger side was rock solid).

However, as the body ages I'm seriously considering spending the extra coin on a Darche 180 Gen2, matching Retreat awning room and walls. The setup is much easier and quicker and the components look substantial. The rooms/tents aren't the issue, I'm finding the traditional awnings difficult to pack up.


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I have been looking at them too and like the 23Zero model best followed by Darche. The zip on the bag of the 23Zero looks to be a better design
Snowys is most likely where I will get it. I am just holding off until I fit my canopy in case something has to change


I have been using the 2.5x2.5 Darche awning for around 4 years now.
They have the rubber knuckles at the vehicle end so if idiots :oops: don’t tie the guy ropes down properly and the wind catches it they won’t snap and they didn’t :D


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I’ll have to agree with @Albynsw and @Swaggie. I had the Darche 2.5 x 2.5 and the quality was good. I was tossing up between the Darche and 23zero… both are very similar in design but either would suit. As long as they have the rubber fittings to provide some flex if the unfortunate should occur.


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I have a cheapie that has been on the car for years and is looking very battered, currently running a 23zero on the other side and the difference is outstanding. Will be getting another when I get back. Mine is the 2x2.5m version as that watched the roof rack and the flyscreen room I already had.


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A 270 style doesn’t work for me as I access my RTT from the rear so looked at the 180 degree models but I am not happy with the depth of cover you get so prefer the traditional shape units. 2.5 x 2.5 is what I am looking to get


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But they are bulkier of course.

And double the weight or more.

Put my Ranger over the weighbridge after work, it's heavier than it should be just with the basics. I'm almost at GVM when loaded for a long trip, I can't afford another 10-15kg for a convenient awning. I'll stick with my supercheap Ridge Ryder 2x2.5.


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I have had excellent service from SupaRV


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I have a Supapeg Captains Wing. Someone posted them on the bargains page a couple of years ago. Love it except for the name printed on the side with big bold letters. Easy to set up and the ideal size for the mux.


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I decided to test the waters with an XTM 270 before committing big bucks to a fancy one. I won't be upgrading - the XTM is awesome bang for buck, and had more than enough space to cook and seat four or five through 24hrs of torrential rain this weekend. No complaints, and for $350 (member price) at BCF, if you kill it, you won't be crying.


Ol' Harley

That looks like a nice setup. I'm in a Triton ute, so the 270 covers part of the tray, where there's a solid fibreglass cover on struts. As a result, the 270 is a bit much for me, but if I had something else, I certainly would have considered that. Cheers.


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That looks like a nice setup. I'm in a Triton ute, so the 270 covers part of the tray, where there's a solid fibreglass cover on struts. As a result, the 270 is a bit much for me, but if I had something else, I certainly would have considered that. Cheers.
Hey Ol' Harley, not sure if your Triton is dual or single cab but i have a 270 on a triton dual cab, we added a platform (to carry the swag) as far back as possible and mounted it on that. It maybe sits about 150mm over the canopy which I can live with.