Awesome new Digital Compressor brings the Servo to you for inflating tyres!


Hey everyone,
Exciting new store on 4x4earth - Pressure Perfect. They were spotted over at SEMA and it is an Australian designed bit of kit that brings the servo to the side of the road. Set the pressure you want to deflate or inflate up to, press the button and off you go. No more stuffing around with a hand gauge and best of all - there is an addition for a hose so you can inflate or deflate 2 tyres at once! Check it in the Pressure Perfect store.
Also looking for options for in car installation, let us know what you think.


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Very cool idea but still a bit too expensive to be worth it at this point IMO. Especially considering the compressor inc is $99 compressor.
Be also good to see the controller available separately for those with on board air systems.


@Bomber2012 - there is a quick calibration feature built in, you don't need to do it, but if there is a big change in temperature or altitude, you can correct for that. According to the guys, it is a lot more accurate than your local servo.


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Yeah, I can see where you're coming from and they are (aren't they?) a sponsor.
But I can think of a lot better things to spend $640 on.

For my money, it looks like they've tried to solve a problem no one knew they had. I still have to stop to air down/air up. It's still going to take the same amount of time because it's dependent on the compressor's ability. I still have to connect/ disconnect something to the valve. And it's as accurate as my current gauges.
And I know the gauge on my compressor well enough to gauge my pressure within a psi or so.

So, again for my money, it's spend $640 to be nowhere ahead of where I am now with my $50 tyre gauge. Sorry to rain on the parade, but....

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I'm hooking up a small air tank when I get around to mounting the compressor on board.
Then it's a simple matter of an air outlet, small hose, and quality air up gun with dig or needle type gauge.
Of course this is for airing up, airing down you would be quicker with the ezy deflator type of gadget anyway.


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I got one a couple weeks back as a gift, really easy to use, as a portable unit it does have a lot of wires so the ease of just hooking up the compressor and pumping away takes a little more work. If you fix it in the car then it's a great unit and I'd recommend it as the way forward. You can just hook up your air line to it and start pumping.
Really good for letting tires down as well. I just press the button and wait for it to beep.

As for calibration, takes 30 seconds to do. Very easy. Just go into the main menu and go to calibration and your done.

So my final verdict on it, if you plan on using it as a portable unit, it's OK, if you fix it to your truck then it's bloody awesome.

Oh and at the start I was freaking out because when you pump the tire up it closes a valve and checks the pressure bit I thought it was done and they were only sitting on 30 psi, just let it go, it will do its thing.


Yeah, it is the easiest way to do it. And because in the past it has been too much of a pain in the arse, I have either neglected it or not aired down as far as I should have. This makes it a lot easier.


So I aired down with it and it was surprisingly quick. I was always using a hand held tyre pressure gauge and there is always stopping and checking - this seemed pretty quick.