Avon River gorge

WOW THIS PLACE IS SPECTACULAR!! With 11river crossings and camping sites everywhere surrounded by rock outcropps it’s a must visit spot if you are in the Avon Wilderness area!
In this video we make it to the last crossing but as the track only goes another 200m to a gate we decided not to drop down the rutted sandy part,
We managed to get stuck on the way out as it was!
It’s a longer video then normal but worth watching
There are more photos on my Facebook page that’s linked below

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Great spot, a regular go-to for easy tracks and beautiful scenery for us.

Made this video a few years ago of a trip we did from Walhalla to Avon.

Nice. My Uncle took cattle up through the Avon Wilderness to Mt. Wellington for summer grazing. Not much access up that way now. Thanks for the posts. Makes me smile.

I've driven a few tracks around it but still havn't managed to get in there. Marked it for a trip a few years ago too...

My question is, are there many holes deep enough to go for a swim....