Australian "Online" Maps for Locus Maps


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If you can find a copy of version 1.8 of mobac (it's out there,search for 'mobac 1.8 oziexplorer' ;)) then you can have Google maps too, you need to manually copy the sqlite jar file over though, read the readme.htm. I'll try to remember to write a guide when I have more time.
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I've put the full South Australia Gov Topo map online, this is to zoom 14. Download from here. Compatible with a sqlite map viewer like Locus. Zoom 14 is probably enough for most driving needs and gets you most street names, but not quite enough detail for bushwalking as it lacks contour lines.

To create your own South Australia topo maps up to zoom18 using MOBAC (2.1.3 compatible) use this xml file in your mapsources folder. Note this is the same Location SA Topographic base map as on the SARIG site.

You will not be able to create a full state map at higher than zoom 14 due to tile count limits, but zoom 15 does contain extra labels, so is worth creating sub maps where higher detail is needed e.g Flinders Ranges. To give you an idea, a map taking in Hawker, Leigh Creek, Arkaroola at zoom 15 is a bigger file than the whole state at zoom 14. Also to note is not all of the state is available at zoom 18, but I'm yet to find things at 18 that I can't see at 17 where it is available.


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Thank you so much for writing this config file. Locus maps is a really nicely made app, so some extra maps for it are very welcome. I can see the extra maps easily on the free version. I'm in WA and whilst I can see the QLD map and the SA map etc, the WA/NT map comes up with "Unknown problem" for each tile. Does anyone else have this or just me? Thanks


Well I finally got to use this today after months of lockdown here in Vic. Went cutting firewood and the maps and app got me there very accurately, very impressed. I was using Hema in the past, it would have locked up just as I was getting near my destination :D


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Getting to that time were I review the XML update and re-release the XML files.. I think the WA and NT were mainly open street maps.

Also don't forget to grab some of the excellent rather worthwhile offline maps from the Locus Store, I think that the WA and NT maps out of the Lotus store are way superior anyway, I will remove NT/WA if I can't find better maps.