Australian 4x4 Gathering - 11-15 June 2010 - Pomona QLD



Come and join us!

The Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club of Queensland is hosting the 2010 Australian 4x4 Gathering which is an event held every two years in various States and Territories around Australia. It is the first time Queensland will host the event.

Who can attend?

Anyone interested in 4WDing can attend and you do not have to be a member of a club.

As it is being held on the Sunshine Coast, we are expecting many 4WDers from the southern States to attend for our warmer climate and pristine environment. You will also be rubbing shoulders with many from around Australia. It is a great opportunity to meet and mix with those who have a similar 4WDing interest.

Up to 400 families are expected to join us at Pomona which is situated in the picturesque Sunshine Coast hinterland. Tag along trips of varying duration will be conducted through the neighbouring State Forests, the spectacular local area and the unique heritage listed Fraser Island with its rainforest and sparkling lagoons.

The Gathering will be based at the local showgrounds with evening entertainment provided as well as some bush poetry to make you laugh. Prizes, giveaways, checking out other vehicles are all part of the Gathering. You are sure to have fun!

Put the date of 11-15 June 2010 in your diary.

Proceeds will support the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and the VKS-737 Australian National 4WD Radio Network. Come and support these two great organisations and the lovely town of Pomona.


Proudly hosted by the Mitsubishi 4WD Owners’ Club of Q’ld (Inc)
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Just as general information, l am not organising a trip for this as l'm part of the club that is organising it. I am just helping to promote it. It's not to say that someone else can't organise a trip for you all to meet up there :D

If you are interested in going you have to click on here Registration Form to register for the event or 2010 Australian 4X4 Gathering to find out more about it.



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Putting my leave in tomorrow for it so if its approved we are in too (shouldnt be any reason why it shouldnt be appoved

Pure Yobbo

So who from here is going to this??

Well I have leave approved but I still need to confirm some things, I may need to go to a 90th Birthday that weekend and also there is a good chance we may also have puppies on the ground. Trying to get there see how I go,

Maybe we need to put 4x4 earth on our rego forms so we can all camp togethor?


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yep im going should be a unique thing to be involved in its normal held in some remote far away spot so to have it this close its great .....i think its $130.00 for yoursite for 3nites and entertainment and they have trips running every day also im in .....