Australia Day


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Just heard another one from my network.
Big development, they find an aboriginal artifact on site.
Local land council bloke comes out to inspect.
Developer is prepared with a case of wine in the boot of his car & $20,000 cash.
Local land council bloke turns up and developer says "just before we go and look at the artifact, come to my car".
Opens the boot, aboriginal bloke sees the wine (but not the cash), grabs the wine, signs the required approval to proceed form and heads off without even looking at the artifact.
Developer is over the moon, still has the $20K in his pocket.


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The guy on the corner of our street wants to do an extension. He had to get a archilogical dig ( in a inner suburban block that was developed in about 1900). The dig cost him about $8000 and an authorised aboriginal elder had to be employed to survey the diggings for $2000 upfront. He did an inspection and the soil put back. That was about 6 months ago and no report has been done, and no one can find the guy. Apparently dozons of similar cases exist. With no report he has to do it all again. It will be a 12 month delay before work can start and a total of about $20,000 of additional costs.


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I worked with a young, will call him white, as for years nobody had any idea he had indigenous in him, he never mentioned it, it was never talked about and showed no sign that he had indigenous in him, till it became beneficialfor him. Born, bred and brought up in the big city, lazy, very poor at doing his job, a compulsive liar and would pull the race pack of cards out when things were not going his way, sack of shit. Did I like him? Yes I did for years for years but things change. Over the time the real him slowly came out, hence my description of him. Now the father of this guy was in the CFMEU. Not a problem with me that he was in the union. But this young, would say he was maybe in the 25 to 30 age group at this time ended up through contacts within the union, good chance the ETU was also involved in this, as an artifacts authenticator on a major project. Some chicken bone dug up he would come out and look then stop work within the area until he was convinced it was not indigenous. Remember city born and bred. His payment for doing this job? Over 3 times the amount when he worked along side me.
Then for some unknown reason he came back to work with the mob I worked at again. He said he had enough there. Why would someone as lazy as him give up a job you do next to nothing in and get paid really good money at and get paid some less money at?
Anyways I recently found out that this guy is now working at a high level of management with a company. What explains this is that this company has been set up funded by the government that is there to employ indigenous people. And he is there to train people to do their job, and knowing him that will also be to inform them of how best to use their heritage to get the most out others in life. When I read the blurb that he wrote for himself I could only laugh. A chest beating liar praising himself for how good he is.
I don't mind guys doing good for themselves when they desirve it but this guy has got it and the only reason he has it is because of his heritage.


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I work at making significant regional infrastructure projects happen.
Any time I get even a whiff of 'indigenous consultation' I know the project is headed for a world of pain/frustration/delays/rorts.


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On the weekend, the radio commentators were constantly banging on about the Chinese new year, the year of the dragon.
Being labelled "A Racist", I didn't buy a Chinese flag to wave about.
That reminds me, I must order my new Australian Red Ensign and Blue Ensign flags on-line for next year. I couldn't find any in the supermarket.