Australia Day Weekend GoPro vid


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got a go pro for christmas and been having quite a lot of fun with it (albeit the editing is a PITA)

OPen in google chrome if you want 1080p-60fps (other browsers are only 30fps)

ps does anyone know why the youtube embedding isn't working?



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Great video Darb - love the location. Really well edited, worth the effort.

Love the dog cam - laughed a lot.

Looks like the perfect weekend.


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I've found if you take lots of short clips rather than one long video, makes editing a lot easier.
Will have a gander at the video sometime later as I've got very slow internet, gotta love first world problems. lol


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Awesome video mate. Great editing. What program do you use?

hey Aaron, just the gopro studio software that came with it (took a fair amount of hair pulling to get it to work properly mind you).

I do have more advanced software but haven't yet jumped into them as i CBF learning them just yet :)