Aussie Day weekend away


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On the Australia Day weekend myself and family together with my brother (shaneg) and his family went up around the Jamieson area for a bit of camping and relaxing. We planned to meet at a servo in Moe at 9.30am on the Saturday. After a quick hello and swapping a fridge into their car we were off. It was wet when we were leaving Moe but half way to Walhalla the sun decided to come out. We arrived at the Thompson Dam and pulled over so the Shane could have a smoke and we could stretch our legs when we see a Prado with 2 other vehicles tagging along pull in as well. I look over at the Prado driver and say to the missus "that's bloody BEK, you know the bloke who cooked up the pancakes and helped us with our tent at O'Tooles". So we go over and say hi and tell them where we are off to and hear they are going through to O'Tooles again. BEK informs us that the road we were to take is bendy as all hell and rough as guts. "See you back here in a few hours" BEK says...

We get going again and find our way in to Woods Point. Beautiful little country town with a pub, general store, "service station" a church and primary school (i think). We stop here for a bite to eat and for Shane to top up on petrol. At 205.6 cents a litre its not a cheap stop. After getting out of his car a couple approached him and said he was on fire. "Thanks" says Shane but they were pointing at his wheel!! Hot brakes was the cause (being a nissan was the cause i said!!) so the stop did the brakes good and he used the auto a bit better after that.

Carrying on we didn't make any more stops until we got to where we were going. We were heading for 12 mile reserve, a nice camping area just south of Jamieson. It was packed to the hilt so off we go again to find somewhere else. About 4 klms up the road we found a great little spot only accessible by bike or 4wd, although even shaneg's pootrol struggled to get down and back up (too low). Right on the Goulburn River it was magic. After the rain the night before though the river was a horrible orange color. Got the fire going and had dinner then out came the birthday cake for my daughter for her 6th birthday.

Sunday saw us head into Jamieson for a look around and then off to Lake Eildon for a swim. We took the wrong turn off to the lake after seeing a sign reading Eildon. Well, the township of Eildon was another 61 klms up the road so we turned back and went to Howqua instead only 9 klms the other way. GPS was saying there was water, but mother nature decided a few years back to not rain and fill the lake. Turns out we were driving about 30 meters below the "water level". A couple of creek crossings and some rough tracks had us looking for a decent swimming hole. Back to Jamieson for some lunch and then back to camp for a swim.

Monday saw us packed up and on the road by 10am and a different route home. We came home via Mount Baw Baw tourist way and then back roads back into Willow Grove and onto home.

A good weekend was had by all (i hope) and it was great to get out into the real Australia for the Aussie Day weekend. Thanks to Shane, Kel and Brad for coming out with us and thanks to Mezz, Kirra and Brock for being good all weekend.

Photos to follow.


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Old gold mine at Woods Point.

Shane filling up with liquid gold. 205.6c a litre.

My Cruiser, Shane's patrol and the Woods Point "service station".

A bit of "back yard" cricket.

Kirra and Brad by the dirty river.

Kel, Mezz, Me and Shane.

Brock sculling dads empty beer. Go Karratha Falcons!!

Birthday girl and her cake.

Over looking the Goulburn River.

Lake Eildon. You can see on the left where the water level is supposed to be.

Love this one. 5 knot speed limit for boats, no water in sight!!

Me and the Cruiser doing one of the crossings.

Shanes patrol doing the crossing.

Daddy look!! Brock after he tried to clean the diesel soot out of my exhaust. Proud he was too.

Kirra and Brock on the chair they made me cut with the chainsaw.



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You were camped at what's called the 'Carrot Patch'. You were lucky to get that spot, as it's very covetted. We camped there over Christmas/New Year and the entrance was a right bugger for a few days. The water was way clearer then, so the rains must have churned things up again. The name Carrot Patch comes from the fact that that's what it was used for many years ago.




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Great report Gilly fantastic pics as well
Callum wishes Kirrra a happy birthday as well


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and was i right ???

glad you guys enjoyed yourself.

we finished up getting little O'Tooles all to ourselves so we had a beautiful piece of dirt in god's own

you're right about the weather, as soon as we hit the dam wall we never saw another cloud all weekend


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Looks like a great weekend! I've made the mistake of needing to fill up at Woods Point before too, ouch!


Looks like it was an excellent trip. Great to see the pics. Might have to head that way some day to check the area out and a bit oh R&R.


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Thanks for the positive replies guys. It was a great weekend away and i will definitely head back that way again. Carrot Patch ey?? I will plug that in the GPS.