Aus Day, Abercrombie and Wyangala Dam

Mr Rum

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Cheers for a great couple of days guys.

A very quick recap of my experience for those that missed out.

I arrived at the Abercrombie River around 04:15 on Thursday, kicked out the swag, and waited for @Toddyh and @axle82 to stir. @RODEODAVE arrived later in the day, and we spent the rest of Thursday relaxing, unsuccessfully trying to catch yabbies, successfully catching prawns, working out that I'm not a mountain goat, and generally letting our hair down.

On Friday morning we packed up and started the drive over to Quart Pot, when we heard a "@Wang wang wang" over the radio. We waited for him to find us, then we were on our way.
A short way up the road we were forced to pull over when Dave experienced car troubles, but a group effort had him back on the road relatively quickly.
A few dusty tracks later and we were on the hunt for a good suitable spot to spend the last couple of nights.
Due to a total fire ban, the usual sitting around a campfire was instead replaced with stargazing. The night was nice and clear, so looking for shooting stars kept our eyes busy while the regular campfire yarns continued. @underdog arrived just before bed, and we all made the most of a good nights sleep.

Saturday included a swim, a couple of tracks, and a visit to Lyndhurst for lunch and a schooner before I had to head for home.

As I mentioned on Saturday, this is the fourth time I've made it to an Earth meet, but only the first time I've been able to hang around long enough to do any proper four wheeling.
A huge thanks to all for accepting that I wasn't going to make it up "that hill", and for not pressuring me into trying. I really do appreciated it.
Thanks to Alex for giving me a hand with my flat. You saved me a good few minutes of sweating/swearing.
And finally thanks to those f'n big rocks I pulled from the river for helping me climb back up the track.

I'll throw up a couple of photos when I'm home and have a chance.

All in all it was the best weekend away I've had in a while, and I can't wait to do it again.

Mr Rum

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Here's a few of mine. Turns out I didn't take any pictures on Saturday, so there aren't many "action" pics amongst them.

The bridge over the Abercrombie River..

Ready to hit the road Friday morning..

Teamwork gets the job done..

This bush repair is probably stronger than a new one..

The view as we aired down..

Stopped for a couple of photos..

Spectacular views from the lookout..


And some "action" shots..



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I won't lie, I'm disappointed. Wanted to see how long that repair would last.
I guess that small rubber hose joining onto the turbo is gone now and that's why the new one is longer.


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I think rodeodave knows and is boasting that is his new one is bigger ! lol..........................
WELL WHAT CAN i SAY .......?
Was much easier to install the second time around, knew what i was doing and I had my glasses and could see what i was doing . I left the small rubber hose on the turbo.
The patch is still rock solid I am thinking about keeping it as a spare ..
The new pipe is different in shape the steel part is straighter , I had to go genuine , no aftermarket ???
maybe could have bought a piece of pipe and just fitted it but not sure if it would survive the PSI.
But i will re-invest in some more of that rescue tape it worked a treat and is still rock solid
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