Army Track - Update


We (Knot_Gillty and I) went for a little drive on Sunday..

From Walhalla, we took Binns Rd, then left onto ARMY Track... Down to Fultons creek was fins (North side of the hill see....) and stopped for lunch...

Then the fun began... We started to make our way along the track climbing higher and higher, the track being wet but not too bad in most spots - thought I would have had a bit of trouble near the start as it was a bit sloppy... after I'd got some confidence in the old Surf we came unstuck on what I will call "b@stard hill"... its a short steep CLAY based surface that gets you up and onto the ridge line between One speck creek and Sophy gully...

Well... I tried 3 times to get up this son of a b!tch hill and each time only made it about 3/4 the way up... there is no room for anyone to pass, so after giving it a go for about 15 mins, we decided that we should back down till Troy could get past... so 600 or so meters later we could allow a pair of Pootrols past and I got Troy to have a go... (He has a winch and front locker) and followed him up a short time later..

When I got to the "b@stard hill" again, I gave it some berries and still only managed 3/4 distance.... Sitting there waiting to be dragged up, I thought I would try something different and held the brake and touched the throttle.... bugger me, the car started climbing up they freakin hell hill.... Got to the top with out help and I was stoked to say the least....

We continued on and went down the other side of Army trk to Store point (And you can see what the track is like in the other post i did...) The northern part of Army isnt too bad, a bit steeper than I remembered and the steps looked a bit bigger... quite a bit of traffic has been on here I would say... the track is well cut up with ruts down a lot of it...

Anyway... Just an update if anyone is heading out that way...

Here is a vid of Troy crossing the might Fulton... of course he couldnt just go down the "normal" way could he... (hes got more pics he might want to put up for you all...)

YouTube - Crossing the hard way


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Thanks for the reports Gipps Surfer

Obviously lulling the croweaters into a false sense of secuirty - well done


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What do ya reckon Grumpy, when are you, Robz and whoever else wants to tag along free. Sounds like a good days outing.


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Hi Robz,
You and Grumpy still working the same shifts ?
Give us some days that would suit you guys if you're interested and I will post something up.


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my cooper st`s are as good as a set of slicks on the clay so looks like ill have to wait to get some better tyres!

lol @ the mighty fulton, im expecting some huge river crossing, but its on par with the gutter entry to my driveway!


Yeah not much chop at the moment... it would come up pretty quick with a decent downpour though... nothing to worry most people though... LOL