Are we being spied on?


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I find it very amusing about how some regular conspiracy fans here post on this site about the government spying on them, and about not using chrome or google because if you do, you are being watched.

Well, guess what? You are still being watched, and just posting that - even on other browser means google et al all know what you are typing, and probably who you are and where you are within minutes.

At any time of the day, this and all other sites are being probed by robots, sucking up all the data about just about everything.

Need convincing? Click on Forums, then near the top left there is a tab for users on line. Right now there are 6 members and 280 guests. It is usually like that all day, every day.

Now click on the greyed-out members online link.

15 pages of anonymous guests and robots from Google, Bing, Yandex etc etc etc. Diving into every topic, every post.

15 pages. That is just for the last 15 minutes.

My advice is if you want privacy cancel your phone and stop posting anywhere.

It's not big brother It's big brothers. They have more than one way to find out who and where the kooks are.
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I have noticed it a lot more lately with advertising links and even the recommended utube videos that are coming up related to current issues we are discussing at home. For example I have recently seen the doctor about back pain issues I am experiencing and I opened my Utube app yesterday and in the recommended viewing list presented is back pain remedy videos, I have never searched that topic before

It must of been the Covid jab I had, I can see no other logical explanation :oops:


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I personally I think it was the Covid jab that gave them all my information, I'm getting information before I ask for it

Smart TVs, Smart Watches, Smart Phones, Smart Fridges heck anything that has connection to the network can be used to mine data about you, what you buy, how often you buy it, what brands the list goes on then they sell that data to anyone that wants to pay for it, James would have a very valuable data set if he chose to sell the user database

Driving down the road and pass a Police car, they know who owns the vehicle straight away and where you live, what indiscretions you have been done for and those that are yet to be finalised.

In a lot of my clients premises I have to ensure that our systems cannot be used as a back door for hackers so mostly the systems sit on a stand alone network not connected to anything else, on a job recently the lighting control manufacturer saw no issue with us connecting to his controls via the network although his controls were also connected to another network, that doesn't happen on this site :) but it would be easy to bridge a network causing a data breach.

It is big business and you need to be on your A Game to try to stop them


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Let's be clear, Big Brother isn't keeping the information, you are keeping the information on your computer and it allows any website or web enabled app to read it when you visit. Most of it is in cookies. If you've got sync turned on with Microsoft, Google or Apple then all of it is kept in your profile and synced back down to any computer that is a member of the sync partnership. Those companies don't have the space or computing power to keep all the stuff people think they keep. That's why it's distributed out to everyone's individual computer for storage and simply read from there when you make the connection.


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Let's be clear, Big Brother isn't keeping the information,

Mike If you are replying about my OP then I hate to say this but it is being scrubbed, stored and kept forever on the crawler sites regardless of the user actions, subsequent visits and browsers.

It is not cookies, it is a cached copy of the content and meta data in Big Brother's servers.

Those companies don't have the space or computing power to keep all the stuff people think they keep.

Again hate to break the bad news to you but yes they do. And trainloads of truckloads of truckloads of it.

Try this. Pick a post from Earth from a few years ago. Then type in a phrase used in a post.

Then type into google - site then the phrase you are looking for. Then click on the cached arrow at the end of that search. Not only does it show you the version STORED in Google, it tells you when it last copied and saved it.

For example I posted this in 2014.

if I search google for a phrase I used in that post like this

site Herne Spur......Errgh - that track has me spooked. I towed my Tvan up Wombat Range track, that was steep enough for me towing,

Google finds that post. Then click on the little down arrow at the end of the URL for the cached version. You get this.

Click on that and you see the version stored in Google's servers. Not only does it show you the copy that google made and kept, it shows the last time they kept a copy of it. In this case it says "It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 10 Jun 2021 16:19:19 GMT. "

That is a stored copy of everything it can find. Nothing to do with cookies or users.

And if it thinks Earth posts are important enough to save a copy of, what about sensible data.

Every move leaves a permanent fingerprint. what you say, where you are, your IP address, what device and browser you are using. They can even tell the screen resolution. I had a website and could see that from the admin port on the server for any and every user. And that was free.
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Storing versions of websites is completely different than tracking your personal usage. If you're on a computer signed in as Fred, then other than your IP address, they have no idea who you are, only the history in that profile. Make a new account on the computer,as Bill, and your previous searches are blank. They can't store that stuff because there's a million Bills and Freds in the world.


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But only two with the same ip address, location, and computer.
Your IP address changes in a lot of cases, and computer names and usernames are not unique. Email addresses are unique but not available to things like Google Analytics unless part of some other piece of information that you willingly provide.


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Mate, use the Brave browser and turn off tracking and you'll find they know nothing about you because there's no longer anything for them to read off your computer. And they will know your IP address at their end.


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If you think it's already bad, it's getting worse!
I follow this guy who makes some interesting points. I don't believe he's a conspirator.



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Mate, use the Brave browser and turn off tracking and you'll find they know nothing about you because there's no longer anything for them to read off your computer. And they will know your IP address at their end.

Mike, I'm not an expert on it security. But despite your browser the problem is that every move you make and everything about you on Earth is being sold. That how the ads are targeted to each user. Thats partly why you get 4wd YouTube videos. Earth isn't alone.

Earth could block this, like say lcool or other private forums, but the business model is to sell every bit of data they can. That's the price we have to conceed as users of the forum.

I'm OK with that. My original point was that some people post about privacy concerns, but they are pumping more information into the machine when they add to the catalogue of data about themselves and their lives.
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I don't get ads as I run adblocker ultimate and adblock plus on Firefox, so I'm blissfully ignorant.

I also use Don't track me Google, so I miss a bunch of tracking cookies from that.

I'm pretty sure they know my interests though, as my youtube account is getting a lot better with its recommendations. Farming, tractors, fixing machinery, tanks, Ron Swanson and space engineering.

I'm not a complected man.


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Spoke to both my kids today for Father’s Day and they got me a voucher for BCF (which was txt to me this morning) . I just sat down for lunch and turned on the computer, first ad I see is a BCF ad……….


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I really don't have a lot of concern about who knows what about me (too old and too much experience to care, I suppose?), other than the big issues of someone being able to access my bank accounts/credit cards/super fund, and identity theft. I/we do what we can in that area to keep things safe. Over the years we've been pretty lucky with few unsolicited phone calls/scammers and not much junk email. I'd like to say that's due to good management, but more likely it is just good luck! :)
To all in the role , have a good Fathers Day!


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I’m runnings for the hills…
Ar actually I’m am staying home definitely staying home


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Its about legislation getting passes in the name of cyber crime, homeland terror related surveillance that get clouded & privacy laws they dont agree with like keeping information on your cloud.

Once somethings passed they never go backwards, only forwards which means eroding your rights.

There would be people monitoring this site & any other forum as well I have no doubt!

I dont know how valid this is but I would not be surprised!



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What's the issue with targeted advertising?
You're going to get advertisment no matter where you are in life. So why not at least have it aimed at your interests.

I love that google location tracks me. It's the best. Some days I go to do time sheet, it tells me what time I got to site and what time is left etc.

If you're knowingly going to commit a crime, rent a movie online, and leave your phone at home, short of that, track away! I just don't see the big issue.


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And how does this negatively affect your day to day life? Feel free to insert some random bit of nonsense to support your argument.
I'd be more concerned with the lockdown enforcement many people are experiencing than how many robots want to look at what I'm posting.


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one must keep their public persona very separate from their private details. there are (more) secure browsers, search engines, VPN s , you can even use TOR for extra security if you need it. you don't have to give up your personal info if you don't want to. Some people will say it doesn't matter, if you have nothing to hide, who cares, but the fact is, if you give away you privacy , the powers that be will take it and not give it back.