ARB Canopy/Pioneer tray mounting


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Hey all,
I have a Ranger with an ARB ascent canopy. I'm trying to work out how I'd mount a Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray on it. I was expecting to find either an ARB leg kit (which I thought id seen around before, but can't find what its technically called now, 'leg' 'mount' 'support?) or poss a Rhino Rack mounting kit. Also, does anyone have any info on the actual need for internal bracing for the canopy? Was hoping to manage without, as some of the internal support systems I have seen have braces right across the window opening which seems like the dumbest design ever. But I have seen some which skirt around the window opening. Is it the ARB (3740020) Cab Rack Mounting System (Incl. Air Deflector & Protection Tape, 70kg Max. Capacity)?

I was hoping to do essentially this, but maybe without the internal supports if they aren't required:


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Obviuosly ARB will have mounting solutions that will marry up with their own branded racks, they most likely will not fit the mounting position of another brand?

So I would be contacting Rhino direclty for a mounting solution

I dont know much about the Pioneer, I just have a Rhino cage which I have a kit that fits to my HD Rhino racks but they fit to my cabin.
On my Flexiglass canopy & have 2 FG bars that I could fit 2 Rhino cross members to I guess.

You may need to fit a set of Rhino racks to the canopy??

Not sure, give Rhino a call & talk it obver with them.

Edit: I cant find a direct Rhino number or email just their stockists, ARB are actually Rhino stockists so may need to speak to them?

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The internal supports are required with the canopy bars.

I would just bite the bullet and get the ARB roof bars and internal support bars.
Other brands, if they make specifically for your model, will be expensive anyway.

They hold a decent weight well, think they were rated for 150kg on my PK Ranger, but of course keep it as light as possible up there.


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Arb canopies are compatible with rhino rack gear. We get rhino HD bars on ours. One of them has the cantilever flat rack - possibly pioneer. There is a single socket screw fixing down into the internal brace through each foot - usually rattle gunned down and only one out of four cross threaded by the ‘technicians’.
you would have rocks in your head if you didn’t use the correct internal braces. Canopies are pretty weak, and they transfer weight onto style sides which also try to spread and split. My Colorado tray did just that. Repairing any of that is much more than doing it correctly first time.