Approved Vendors (Sponsors)


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Theres a lot of posts from subaru too, are they also kind enough to help us out?
And are BFGoodrich and Terrain Tamer new? I haven't seen any content from them or am i just looking in the wrong places.


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I just wanted to say everytime I have dealt with terain tamer (probably 6 or so times over the years) they have been exceptional. Always very helpful with advice and always been competitive on price. So that plus the fact they are sponsors is more than enough of a reason for me to recommend them to other members.


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Hi @Swaggie , I was just wondering is this still current? I know Mits still post some very informative topics, but I haven't seen anything from Terain Tamer or BFG. Also are there any new ones? I saw a while back that James put a call out for new big name sponsors, did any come forward?