Anyone noticed the quirk in the headings columns...?


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When you get to a list of threads, for example from clicking new posts, across the top of the columns the headings related to replies and views... anyone noticed what is under them?

Replies is over the words replies and views, and Views is over the numbers for both...


just curious, was the site built by Jeep? :D
Im on PC, and its the same with either style. Its this page..

I should just stop looking. That reveals another quirk, settings for fusion are what Im using normally, but changed to default and theres some blue, then change to default:fusion, and it appears to be fusion.

Interesting. I use my phone coz i cant get on the pc due to both my boy's usually being on it for one reason or another.
There doesn't seem to be any quirk with either style on the phone, maybe due to the smaller screen size perhaps ?

Either way it's still likely a jeep thing:p.