Anyone lost a GQ lately?


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If any on Bayside Brisbane area has had a GQ stolen, rego 577 KYQ, I found it burnt out on Hienaman RD (Near the Valley Way and German Church Rd roundabout) this morning.
Unfortunately it's just a burnt out shell, engine bay was also burnt out.
Just thought I'd pass the word around.


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Not a member of the patrol forum, soming to do with the cruiser I drive I think:rolleyes:

Fell free to post it there if you want to.

After reading my first post I realised I left out the suburb.....Mt Cotton.

Quite often you get the burnt out cars in that area, they also use the roundabout as a drifting pad, had a couple of idoits nearly take me out there as they slide around the circle.
I sometimes feel like letting them hit me, but I always seem to be driving the wifes car when I see them.