anyone going bush this weekend


Im heading to Wauchope NSW later today and hopefully get time to check out Bago/Cowarra SF tomorrow (31st) for half a day or so - before commitments kick in anyway (argghh to commitments)

But perhaps you want some Vic locals lols (sorry I gotta remember to look at the category the post was made in - I tend just to click "new posts" and look around that way)
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Big Matt

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Im ripping stuff off my Patrol this weekend hopefully so ill be off the tracks for a little while :-(

Big Matt

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Na body swapping a few patrols, extra cab onto petrol chassis, wagon onto diesel, all that sort of gear, then turbo onto diesel, swap the lockers in, GU diff in the front and 37's, going to be a busy few months LOL


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Yes actually,

Taking the three bigger ones out to Little Desert tomorrow for a couple of nights.

Could be good!