Anyone been to Wombat/Lerderderg (VIC) recently?


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Thinking of doing a night's camp and some wheeling around Wombat State Forest and Lerderderg in a couple of days' time (Thu/Fri this week). Has anyone been there lately? How are the tracks looking? Closures still in effect?


Most of the tracks should be open now, however there are some pretty good obstacles :eek: on the tracks that are open all year at the moment.

couple of photos added :D


  • Wombat Downhill Flex.JPG
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  • Wombat Muddy Track.JPG
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V8 4runner

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was up there the about 3 weeks ago.... same old forest as always... dry, dusty and big holes full of water...beware !!!



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yeah they are deep, i went under there earlier this year, cab full of water... not happy, and the only hole i didn't check all day.:eek:


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I ended up going a few days before the track closures were opened. Still plenty of open tracks and always good camping. Yep, the Amblers track sites by the river are good... but that track was still closed when I went there... Damn...

Will return shortly though...!