Anybody got a Garmix Extrex Venture


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I wanted a small GPS that I could use in my car, and also for hiking. Looks like a hand held GPS is the go for me. Just wondering if people had any opinions on the Extrex's?



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I have the GPS60 which the next series up from eTrex. A friend has had one for many years and he uses it offroad and when flying. They are a good and popular model. I looked at the eTrex and was going to purchase one but I had to go overseas and ended up buying the GPS60 for the same price with extras for Amazons.

The only thing is to check which eTrex model has the features you want. The GPS60 series comes with the Garmin software where the eTrex is a extra purchase


I have an Etrex, basic model.. use it when going into places not on the map so can back track easy and trying to convince the GF to take it bushwalking when not in familiar area's. cheap safety item..