any suggestions Broken Shock 75 Series Crusier


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i have a 75 series and i put snake racing shackles on it as i bent and snapped one of my front ones. the only thing im a bit worried about it they seem a bit wide and have gaps between the shackle and bushes do i need to worry to much about it? coz if i try and tighten them up it seems to want to bend the shackle but i also dont want to do them up to tight and have them bind up?


Mate the shackle pltes should hard up against the bushes.
If not the front end will float side to side & wear the bushes prematurely.
Send them back.

Blue Dog

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Shackles should be locked up tight to the bush pins other wise you will get side float and you will get an unstable ride and you will get extra movement in the spring and may experience spring rock back and forth.
Send them back get a new set let them know the bush width at the spring and chasis to be sure you get the correct ones.