Any free camp sites available?


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Whatever happened to getting in the car and finding a new place to camp ?

Yep, totally agree.

When asked by people: 'where was that photo taken of that brilliant, pristine camp with clean flowing water and lots of firewood', my response is simply 'sorry, can't tell you'.

It's like finding the best fishing spot on a river and then going on social media and telling everyone about it. :rolleyes:

The area between Newcastle and Batemans Bay is perhaps the busiest place in Australia for city-siders to 'escape' on weekends and long weekends. So free camping is at a premium and people 'in the know' don't normally advertise it when they find it.

Hint: visit one of the many hundreds of local villages dotted around the coastal areas, you'll find many hidden gems.


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ive just downloaded the premium version of wikicamps based on feedback from this thread!
Good decision. There isn't actually a "premium" version. Just paid and time limited demo versions.

Use the app's inbuilt chat forum rather than WC social media sites if you need assistance. The app has nice sample and example trips there too.