any beach camping in SA?

I am from Victoria where we can not even drive on any beaches.
Looking at doing a trip over the border in a couple of months.
I know you can drive on beaches and a lot of people have suggested Robe to me however I can not find out if you can camp on any beaches near the water edge like the photo I have attached or if you can only camp back further from the water?
Preferably closer to the vic border than Adelaide but willing to travel past Adelaide if that is what it takes.


Les PK Ranger

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Heaps of camps in a lot of places stackner.
That pic, not sure where it is but it could be anywhere from the Coorong to far SE Limestone Coast.

If you look at the SA Trip Report section, you will find SO much info your head will hurt ! :D
Camping like that on the beach is great if you're fishing, especially through the night, as long as the weathers not blowing onto the beach, and the tide forecast is no in its high peak, you can pull up anywhere along most shoreline like that and camp.
Or, as most do, just camp behind the first lot of dunes, so many clear spots.

Go check out some of the reports on the trips section, cruise back through the pages and you'll see titles like Beachport - Robe, The Coorong, Canunda Nat Pk, Limestone Coast.

In the SA trips section, the Vics have a post for an Aust Day long weekender, and we SA Earthers are doing a big drive through from Kingston to Carpenter Rocks way.

After you look through the threads, and maps you can easily find online, you might have specific q's for camping in certain regions of the coast.

Do you want to drive each day and camp in a new spot ?
Or camp one place and drive a little, relax and fish more ?
How long do you have ?
No limit on distance, is the Coorong / Salt Ck, even down towards Murray Mouth within reach of you budget / time ?


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Hey Les, do you have to pay NP fees to camp on the beach near Salt Creek? I drove along that section last year and there were plenty of campers but I wasn't sure if I needed a camping permit or not.

Les PK Ranger

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Mike, in general nothing has been payable in the past apart from the main campgrounds, but I knew there has been a shift to online bookings, and went for a look via the Coorong Nat Pk website . . .

Got onto the Coorong online booking page

I'm kinda shocked to see Coorong Beach / Dune Camping on the list, AND the fact it is $14 a night per person !!
And they say "Beach camping is available anywhere along the Ocean Beach between the high and low water mark, and in designated camping areas behind the foredune from Tea Tree Crossing to 42 Mile Crossing."
Just how the hell are you supposed to camp between high and low water mark with tides is beyond me !!! :eek: :confused:

$8 pp for bushwalkers and kayakers too :rolleyes:

For no facilities, this is pretty dismal of Parks.
They will make a killing in fines I reckon, if this was policed over weekends, long weeks especially.
The fishing comp people / anglers wouldn't be keen.

Past Earth trips, we've only ever had to get a permit and pay for 42 Mile and such designated camps, with toilets etc . . . that's the same as beach camping at $14 pp a night, but at least there's a drop dunny at 42.
OK I have looked over some threads now and got a lot more information than I had. The next real question I guess is if there are ANY beaches in S.A. does not have to be near the vic border however closer to it is better but any at all that you can not only camp on but have a camp fire on? not in camp grounds back from the beach but on the beach itself? appreciate any information. I have spent 95% of my 4wd/camping time in the Victorian high country so know the ins and outs of it but this is my first time trying to plan a beach trip due to vic having no beach driving or camping so quite a little out of my depth.

Les PK Ranger

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The next real question I guess is if there are ANY beaches in S.A. does not have to be near the vic border however closer to it is better but any at all that you can not only camp on but have a camp fire on? not in camp grounds back from the beach but on the beach itself?
Absolutely stackner.

Did you find / read this thread ?
Limestone Coast Mid-Year Trip

I just went to Google maps, and took a look, and racked the old brain . . .
Ok, you could get onto the beaches / dunes / low cliffs anytime from Port McDonnell / Cape Northumberland.
We got off the beaches going the other way at a little point about 3km NW of Cape N.

It boils down to time and how much you want to drive beaches / dunes vs camping / fishing time, how confident you are (especially if solo) to self recover if needed.
The beaches can be dicey at any time of year, and a lot depends on weather / tides too.

It sounds like you are not too experienced with the beaches in general, so if I were you, I'd head to Carpenter Rock, then go into Canunda.
From that southern end to the NW end of Geltwood Beach, you'd have heaps of options to beach camp, BUT remember the advice, only do this with lower high tides, not on the king tides or close to them.
Check high tide mark from the previous tide by looing for the washed up weed etc, it's usually pretty obvious.
Always plan driving on the outgoing tide, and usually it's best to stay high on the SE beaches (apart from further up there are some nice bit flat ones around Kingston).

Through Canunda you have some excellent driving / turn offs to beaches, and if the weathers bad / blowing, you'll be grateful to get back behind the first dune for shelter.

The next best bits for you would be from Beachport on,

So, how many days are you planning on spending in SA ? How much driving do you want to do vs camping / fishing ?
Fishing . . . it's better up into the Coorong for gutters, Mulloway etc, but you could have a crack off any of the beaches or points, of which there are hundreds along the way.
Thanks Les!
I am a capable 4wd'er and have full recovery gear. I am a solo vehicle traveler due to my mates not having 4wd's yet but do ensure I have everything I need to recover myself.
That being said I am entirely new to beach driving.
At this stage I would be looking at upto 1 week, prob about 4-5 days on the beach.
Not too concerned about fishing this trip. Moe of a relaxing trip. So more about spending time at camp each afternoon/evening and some driving during the day (tide dependent). I am use to the vic high country packing up camp each morning, driving on for the day then setting up camp at a new location again that afternoon/evening so would like to try that. Never camped without a campfire t is part of the experience for myself however if need be I would go without for the experience of beach camping.
Thanks again for all your information it is really appreciated. I will have a look through that thread also as not sure if I saw it or not now.

Les PK Ranger

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No probs mate, do you have some Maxtrax, TREDS, or other such recovery boards ?
If you do and you've used these sometime (even if you haven't used them before) they are the bees knees for beach recoveries.
A spade to move a bit of sand (or with Max I find they can do the job fine), then place them and drive out.
You'll find plenty of vids online showing their use, just ensure low range 2nd to drive out, no wheel spin, if you get this happening, they aren't wedged under enough.

I used mine for the first time on my first drive Beachport - Robe, solo trip, saved my marriage I reckon :)

So 4 - 5 days along the beaches, driving a bit each day, early setup of camp and a nice sleep in next morn ?
Awesome touring.
I suggest you go Carpenter Rocks into Canunda, a nice 2 days to Southend, then head up to Beachport (40 min blacktop) and do the drive to Robe, another 2 days, then a couple of days home with a stop maybe in Lower Glenelg Nat Pk, and maybe a nice on the GOR too ?

When are you doing this, assume soon.
Best to do these drives in summer, shoulder seasons and winter are dicey.
Thanks mate.
Yeah I have some maxtrax and carry a shovel with me 24/7.
I will investigate the route you have outlined but is sounding the goods to me.
I have the week after easter weekend off work so was thinking then if you think the weather ect would still be ok?

Les PK Ranger

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Ripper read, great advice Les. How'd you go stackner? Im about to head off and plan on pretty much doing this trip but with a bit more fishing..


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"Is there any beach camping in SA?"

NO... we're closed!:cool:

Seriously, Les's advice was great, just be aware if you are heading around the Coorong area over the summer period you may need to air down more than you think (like 10psi or so).