Antenna on roof rack full of gear

red hilux

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If Im not mistaken. UHF radio uses the whole length of the antenna, not just the tip.

put it as high as you can, use 6db for highway


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If I install a ground independent antenna on my roof rack and then pack all my gear on will it effect my range?
It will ultimately depend on what areal you install? and what crap you stack on your roof? where you mount it? < as all if not most seem to be ground independent, where? is only crucial if the areal is shorter than the crap on the roof?

A 6db is a good all rounder, in the GME range, that version comes with a two piece kit, 6db or 9db.
The 9 is a good static areal, but at hyway speeds bends over to a 6db length so there is no gain, in the scrub a 9 will flip around as well, they have their use, but you need to understand why they work or why they don't. Back in the hay day, I ran a 4.7meter long 13.5db custom built base station areal, it is static and capable of 120klm simplex, noddy nuts key up and ask for a ''radio check'' I tell them they are working, they return with ''You're breaking up'' eventually I gave up telling them "No, You're areal is whipping round, is why I 'appear' to be breaking up''.

Range? I always say it's Areal Areal Areal. I dabbled with fitting a 6db house areal and half inch coax to 'Old Yella' with great success even if it took two attempts to stop it hitting the bonnet at 60klm/hr [cough] but that's my non-conformity coming out..... again ... on the flat lands that set up was good for near 80klm. I did the noddy nut, after fitting, keyed it up and "Raaaaddddio Check" ... dude come back ''You're working, what the hell are you using? It near blew me out the seat''.

I use one similar on the bullbar made by a local manufacturer and sourced locally, but was still 110 clams, for the amount of time spent trying to make your own one off, they are made from stainless steel and work a treat. I run one of 2 GME white stik thingies, short for suburbia, long for distance, on top of the fold down thingy. These type areal are less susceptible to the shake rattle and roll, but have zero give when bent, however are more expensive with more range. When removed, they simply unscrew, I use a flippy floppy piece of excrement also mounted on the bullbar.

I am fully aware the argument is the higher the better, but I also have never mounted a ground independent areal on a roof of a car, old 27meg C Q, C Q, C Q DX ... yes most were ground dependant, this new stuff is to easy, Brew.

Location Location Location Areal Areal Areal. :cool:


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$130 !! Good idea, but could fashion something up similar for 1/10th the price.
Will do that with mine, which I recently located to the front cabin roof bar, will hit the antenna going under the carport, so must get onto that.
just an example off the google box mate, but saying that ! a good bracket on my car needs to last years, so for the coin its comparative. i bought a desert parks pass for $150.00 and that only lasted 12 months.:cool:

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just an example off the google box mate, but saying that ! a good bracket on my car needs to last years, so for the coin its comparative. i bought a desert parks pass for $150.00 and that only lasted 12 months.:cool:
Yep sure, gives a good idea, pretty sure anything I knock up will be ok, boils down to desire to make something yourself too I guess.

DPP you can do a heap of trips in 3 years and the 2 following years are discounted.
Still it is a bit steep if you just want to do it once hey.


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antenna on the roof rack will give you the best performance. 6dB is the perfect all rounder. I am not a fan of the GME AE409L as it is not a very flexible antenna and while travelling, it tends to bend back which is not great for its transmission.
- RFI has a much better alternative.
- Tip of the antenna does virtually NOTHING for transmission. Bottom half of the antenna does 90% of the work.
- Make sure when you pack your roof rack, you put all the metal stuff (spare tire rim) and water as far from the antenna as possible. Plastic, fibreglass are ok to be next to the antenna.
- A vertical antenna will work much better than a bent or angled antenna.
Good luck.