another red neck sa lad


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livvin in the adelaide hills now near medows
got an 87 lux 5'' lift shootin bus
84 silver edition 60 series wagon 2'' lift donor for and extra cab cut cant wait
dropin a v8 in the next coupl of weeks


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G'day mate and welcome....I'm only new here too (joined a few days ago) and am also from SA....

Seems like a bunch of great blokes on here......

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Gday & welcome to the site.

You will get used to Bushnut's jealousy of us South Australians eventually.
They may have the high country, The snow, and are stealing all our water from the Murray but we have the Flinders, the majority of the Simpson Desert and Lake Eyre. oh and we also got the Innamincka and the Strzelecki tracks. :)