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Bridges are determined by a Gross limit, which funny enough is also the same as a load limit. as the bridge must carry the load.Same same.

"And now we've gone from Speed Limits to Weight limits."

Was trying to show a example that your GCM theory regardling your ranger / Bt50 is being calculated wrong.

All good but I'm out, I'm sorry I cannot explain it any further.


Yeah, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on the speed issue.

I've finished too.

Thanks for the "talk"
In Sydney and it's surrounding suburbs, the only way to prevent gridlock was to encourage courtesy like in London.
The govt went in the opposite direction seeing the cash cow in speeding fines.
The laws to keep traffic moving like "keep left" were abandoned and replaced with the aggressive driving style and road rage we have now.

The govt then opened the gates for the highrise developers to fill the suburbs with cheap units, lots are now ready to fall down LOL
They did have the foresight to see the infrastructure problems so they abandoned their road-building duties and gave it to some mates to take over with toll roads. They have seen the greedy way to get richer and charge for every section of their car parks you drive on.
Within about 6-8 years of toll increases and new tolled sections, it can cost $20-$40 each way to cross from South to North.
Don't know about West to East as I no longer do it as it's all gone to pay and display parking at $10 per hour.

Did I mention, again for safety, they introduced multiple lower speed limits, which could be 5 changes within 2km.
Then the advertising campaigns followed by cameras to do the auto collections.
Results are watching your speedo, not where you are going.

Country driving and towing was all about common sense and not practical to collect money with speed limit changes and the cameras.
People that towed vans and big boats used to often use heavier 4x4s that used to be built stronger to do what they are built for.
As that has all changed and the numbers are much higher, they bring in all this GMV or whatnot.
Solves all the problems for insurance companies who have always had a great relationship with the NSW Liberal govt.
A good excuse for the modern vehicles failing and can do a blitz and fine all the travelers who dare to carry more than thongs and a change of undies. If fatality numbers rise enough with more on the roads, they will increase the fines and do the blitzes at holiday times when the payout is worthwhile.

Sorta sad to live in a nany state but not going to change back now.