Another Land Rover in the clan:)

Alien d2

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Just a quick intro. to say hello.
I joined not long ago after being refered by a work mate:rolleyes:
I'm taking a goup from Dargo to Bright Labour day w/end (2010) and have found the trip reports very helpfull:D
Picked a cap up at Wandin also so I can fit in:p

I've got a Land Rover Discovery 2, '99 TD5 Auto, Basic list of the modifications...
265/75/16 Coopers (from29"to 32" now), 40mm OME springs and shocks,Bull bar & winch, Steped roof rack, Uhf & CB, Duel Batt, Cargo barrier and shelf, and more:cool:

I'm married with a 14 year old tom boy and the 26 year old son just picked up a Brumby ute, the same year as his birth:)
Doesn't need much work, yet to see how capable it is.
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Hi Kyle,
Welcome to the site.
It's good to have another Disco drive amongst all the Nissans and Toyotas.
Great area the high country, just spent three days up there myself.

I work over in baccus two days a week. Often think to myself I have to get the 4by over there for a play as the area looks like good fun.

Enjoy the site,
Might catch you out there one day.

Alien d2

4x4 Earth Contributer
Gidday Kyle ,can never be too many Discos.. Welcome to the site.

:D They do grow on you, Shmbo drove it up Otties the other day..."feels more capable than the Mavrick did"..:p

Thanks for the welcome guys, see you out there soon.