Another Insurance thread.

Just received my insurance renewal for my 3 cars, all with Shannons and all on the same date as that's how Shannons do it. All agreed value and salvage rights on the Commodore.
1981 Commodore VC with an extensive list of mods and limited use due to special interest registration. Value $16,537, premium $168.74.
2009 Saab convertible. Value $12,600, premium $419.64.
2011 Mazda BT50 dual cab 3.0 litre 4x4. Value $20,000, premium 520.49.
All premiums include GST and stamp duty and are for 12 months. Includes $1000 damage to any trailer I tow, 14 days hire car and choice of repairer.
There is also a discount for holding a CAMS licence but don't know how much as it's not itemised but the question is asked.


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I have my 1949 Jeep truck with Shannons and the price is good but got a quote for third party property damage on the 60 series and it was about $200 more than GIO
I had been with RACQ with the Saab for years and suddenly the premium jumped up considerably and wasover $300 more expensive. I had also had a no fault claim with Shannons on the Commodore at the race track when it was queued for scrutineering and a jerk towing a car trailer ran into it causing $3,000 damage. No drama with Shannons.